Wednesday, February 28, 2024


Thin Client

T202 Thin Client

Generous processing power, multi-level security

T405 Thin Client

Ideal for professional users in any virtual desktop environment.

T420 Thin Client

Ideal for professional users

T601 Thin Client

Enriches multimedia for presentations and conferences.


Veriton P130F4

Comprehensive solution for all business scenarios

Veriton P330F3

Excellent combination of performance and expandability

Veriton P530F3

Extreme performance, expandability and enabled applications


Altos C100 F3

Delivers essential server-class features and expandability


GPU server , equipped with up to 8x NVIDIA GPUs or Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors

Altos R360F3

Robust two-socket 1U system that is ideal for almost any application.

AT350 F3

Dual-socket, rack-mountable tower server

Altos R380F3

Robust two-socket 2U system, dynamic system can function for virtualization purposes


Provides first-class performance, innovative technology

Altos T110 F4

Delivers true server-class features and expandability


Acer Storage : AS1000 Series

Deliver among the best cost to performance ratios for SMB users